Hippies getting 'hitched'

Bizarre 1960's 'Couture'


The Swinging SixtiES





The Teenagers that emerged in the 1960s , being born in  the 1940-50s were called

'The Baby Boomer' generation.

This was due to the wide encouragement by governments to entice families to be bigger, this was seen as a way of repopulating the world after the devastating loss of life from the world wars in the early 20th century.

While their older siblings, born in the 1930s & during the war, enjoyed Rock n Roll, going to the movies &  dances, record & magazine collecting and had new sweets and hip fashions, calling the older generations 'square' and their peers ' cats' & 'chicks', the younger siblings born after the war & in the 50s, began to make a radical new approach to life, this was reflected in their fashion, music and their 

new 'moral-code'.



Ironic , as since the war, their mums & dads had been busy doing just that to produce this

Mod generation!


The old Haute Couture was 'square'

( Old Fashioned)

Ridged designs that stuck by the rules of the design schools, definitely would have no place in this 


New designers were breaking the mould in pattern, design and colour!

The shocking 'mini' and kinky boots, was designed to shock!

While mums and dads and older siblings stuck to the 'couture look', the 'snazzy' new young people went out of their way to look different, this fuelled the generation gap.

However 'Couture' still was there only in a new

form that had all the style and quality

but with often far out bizarre touches

( as if to try and fit with this generation)

Today this is termed ' Modernist'.

However these were mostly worn in Paris, London, New York by well to do folk.



This idea of a gap in the generations came by the way of the 'new moral-code'.

The younger did not want a repeat of the elder's way of life. No! they wanted peace & prosperity.

They wanted to break from the ideas of tradition in all its forms. So the creation of the 'gap' enable this distancing and it was formulated by deliberate fashion extremes, totally new music and the idea of free thinking on how to live

your life.They would not be told what

to do by previous generations,

who they deemed had failed

( The Wars & created the Nuclear Bomb)


Living under the shadow of the nuclear bomb and its ever present fear that some idiot would use it again someday, was a great cause for concern to this young generation . The topsy turvy world they lived in was like this; mum at home keeping the hearth and home, dad working and providing for their future, but at school they did safety drills in case of a nuclear explosion! Living well in prosperity on one hand and the every present fear of annihilation on the other. Humh! Topsy turvy world, no wonder the poems, music and literature was some what unusual or psychedelic!

 Many formed groups to champion their causes and express this 'mess' they feel they had inherited.

These counter culture groups often used the mighty pen and not the sword to get their point across.


Beat Niks ( who had been around since late 1940s in Paris) were poets who did not use rhyme ( the traditional formation of poems), they lived freely and often not in regular employment so they could move about the country from

Beat Nik cafe to cafe, dance, make love,

write  and smoke. But they often had many poignant things to say in their poems.


The Mods, were the quintessential modern youths, with continental mo-peds made by Vespa, clothes sharp and non-fussy, but quality and smart.They even saw their compatriots as 'old fashioned', those who were Beat Niks, Teddy Boys, Rock n Rollers called Rockers, leather clad bikers who loved the 1950s music and NOT the modern 1960s and later, they disliked the new counter culture movement of The Hippies.

( Deliberately spelt in the plural,

to show inclusivism)

For The Mod's, there's was the motto

'' Out with old in with the new!''



Toward the end of the 1960s, this 'counter culture' went even further from conservatism.

So far in fact that folks began to look to nature for the answers to life.

Movements like The Hippies

( they deliberately used the plural 'ie' 

instead of 'y', so as to include all folks,

even in the 'singular'),

embraced love & peace for all mankind.

They 'went back to nature' by using more natural forms of clothing often harping back to medieval or tribal designs. Where they considered the world was better ( Just like the Arts & Crafts Movement of the 1880s, who rebuffed the mass manufacturing of the Industrial Age).

The colours were muted and clean like nature, soft and serene.

Adornments were often simple flowers

( real not fake)

Fake was a definite no, no!

The words of Jesus and Eastern gurus were embraced, as were old pagan ways and living close to nature and attempts to live like that was optimal. The clothes and hair reflected this way of 'spiritual' living, with hair being natural and often never cut including beards.

But above all, one had to be a genuine person

and not a fake!

Music was 'made by bards and composers with new sounds, any sound was cool, even a different way of banging a drum

was praise worthy.

Finding the 'muse' was often helped by smoking and other drugs.


Guru, Prophets & Jesus

Many religious cults ( some dangerous) were formed in the 1960s, many branching from eastern religions, this bought about

The New Age Movement

& many self proclaimed 'prophets' starting their own brand of cult.

And new( or some say original) forms of Christianity ( non- religious) were formed in the 1960s, like The Jesus Movement

Young Women wearing 'The Mini'

Beat Niks

Mods & Rockers

Street fighting

Flower Power People

1960's 'Couture'

Modernist Style

Preferred by respectable & older ladies

Couture Hats of the 1960s


Actress Brigitte Bardot

Beat Nik Fashionista

Fashion Guide to the 1960s

Beat Niks----------------------- ------Mods------------------------Rockers--------------------------Hippies



Black sunglasses                               Scarves                               Scarves , Brooches                  Flowers, scarves                               Eye glasses ( Hipster)                         Cuff Links                           Jacket patches                              Beads, patches

Pipe smoking                                       Cigarette Case                    Chains , studs                             Macrame belts

                                                               Pearl Necklace                                                                       Ethnic jewelry


HATS:Black Beret, Fedora                    Beret, Trilby                        None                                           Wide brim,Floppy Hats

and flat caps


HAIR:Cropped Goatee beard                Modern straight cut            DA hair cut                                 Beards- any, Moustache- any

Moustaches                                           Clean-cut                            Clean -cut                                    Long and natural

Smooth straight hair                            Bobs,  Beehive                    French Roll           

for ladies, ponies tails                          Boophons                           Ponies, Short curly


CLOTHES: 'Parisian look'                      Sharp suits                             Leather Jackets                     Maxi dresses

Horizontal stripe, cords                       Winkle Pickers                         Boots                                      Natural fibres

trousers for men, knit vests,                Skirt suits                               Studded belts                         Ethnic , Paisley, Floral prints

Ladies: Ankle grazers, tight skirts       Stove -pipe trousers              Teddy Boy suit                       Bare feet or simple sandals

Cardigans, think ' early Chanel'            Bright coloured tights           Blue Suede Shoes                  Jeans with patches, holes.

                                                                 The Shift Dress                      Pedal Pushers ( girls)

                                                                   The Mini                                  Blazers ( Girls)


Beat Nik 




1960s Couture

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